Privacy Policy

We always respect and maintain our visitor’s privacy. Whenever you are visiting our site, we may collect some information about you. So before visiting our site frequently you should go through our privacy policy.

1. Non personalized information

  • we  may use cookies to collect non-personalized info whenever you are visiting our site
  • Using Cookies: we use cookies to collect non-personalized information which are stored in your personal computer

2. Storing your personal information

we will store your personal data as long as we need this information for our website operation and for the legal process.

3. Disclosing your Personal information

If it becomes necessary to disclose your information disclosure of Your Personal Data we may disclose it in the legal process.

  1. Third Party advertisement company may use your information for advertisement purpose.
  2. For any legal investigation we are bound to disclose you information to legal entities like court or law enforcement agency etc.

 4. Transfer of property

If for any unwanted circumstances we are to transfer or to sell our business then our all property including your personal information stored in our site will be transferred to the new owner of this site.

5. Security assurance of Your Personal Data

We are always determined to protect and use your data only for legal purposes but you know in online nothing is 100% secured. That is because we can’t ensure your absolute security guarantee for your personal information.

6. External  Website link

: You may find some external links on our site. If you click on them, you will be redirected to third party’s site which sites are neither controlled nor operated by us. So before visiting those sites check their privacy policy properly.


7. Updating Our Privacy Policy :

In future, we may update our privacy policy. If we do so you will be notified by our new privacy policy post on this page.

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